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Elite Xml Website Fullscreen Template [$2420|Professional]
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2009-03-05, 5:23 PM

Elite Xml Website Fullscreen Template [$2420|Professional]

Elite Xml Website Fullscreen Template [$2420|Professional]


Elite Template Customizable Settings
The ELITE Template allows you to define some basic settings by default like the webpage standard color, the fullscreen mode option, inclusion of background(s), among others. It also allows you to define all the links, contents and modules you wish it to have. Easy to manage, you can replace the existing logos by your owns using basic xml. To help you in all of these issues you've the most complete support manual we've ever developed divided by modules and with an index so you can reach your topic quickly.

Now we'll present a brief presentation with description of all the features you will find in the ELITE Template:

Navigation Menu
The Elite navigation menu has a horizontal alignment and only allows a restrict number of menu links and sublinks depending on the space each link and/or sublink occupies and the resolution of your screen. You can update the entire menu as it is controlled by xml. A new characteristic on our template is that you can also define the default homepage you wish.

As specified above, the Backgrounds module can be activated or deactivated. The template allows multiple selectable backgrounds and the ability to edit each and every one of them. All the Backgrounds Packs from FlashDen portfolio are compatible with the ELITE Template.

Audio Console
One of the improved modules, the Audio Console allows you to add as many audio files as you wish, enjoying of a complete and selectable playlist at your style.

HTML Content Page
Module with the ability to format all xml text contents using HTML tags. We provide a basic list of tags so you can try it on, like Text Color, Text Link, Text Size, among others.

News Page

With the News module you can add infinite articles to your news list just by editing a simple XML file.

Contact Form
Allow people to contact with you or your clients using the Contact Form module.

Image Galleries
Use and abuse of the 2 powerful dynamic galleries. You may recognize the Elite Powerful Xml Gallery Image that is an upgraded and adapted version of Powerful Dynamic Xml Gallery v3. On the other hand, the Elite Xml Image Gallery is a completely new gallery, developed specially for the template. Each gallery allows you to include as many categories and images as you wish by editing simple xml.

Video Gallery
Just like the adapted Image Gallery, the Elite Powerful Xml Video Gallery is an upgraded and adapted version of Powerful Dynamic Xml Video Gallery and it allows you to include as many categories and associated flv videos you desire, just by editing simple xml.

Video Player
Simple and isolated module, it contains a simple resizable flv video player where you can include a single video with no restrictions in terms of resolution. Add the flv file by editing basic xml source.



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